Zero‐waste energy‐efficient agricultural communities in the

Greece - Republic of North Macedonia cross‐border area


We want to know what you think about our project and how we can work together.

​Our Lead Partner, the Municipality of Serres, will be glad to assist you!




1 Konstantinou Karamanli Str

Serres 62100​, GREECE

Project Beneficiaries

PB1 - Municipality of Serres

Project Manager: Foteini Mikiki (email: fmikiki (at) serres.gr)

Communication Manager: Foteini Mikiki (email: fmikiki (at) serres.gr)

PB2 - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Project Manager: Dr. Christos Vlachokostas (email: vlahoco (at) auth.gr)

Communication manager: Dr. Alexandra Michailidou (email: amicha (at) auth.gr)

PB3 - Slaughterhouse Municipality of Strymona

Project Manager: Dr. Aristoklis Anastasiadis (email: a.anastasiadis (at) gmail.com)

Communication manager: Elena Malioka (email: elenamalioka (at) gmail.com)

PB4 - Municipality of Dojran

Project Manager:

Communication manager:

PB5 - Municipal primary school "Koco Racin" Dojran

Project Manager: Aleksandar Gumberovski (email: project.zeffiros (at) gmail.com)

Communication manager: Aleksandar Gumberovski (email: project.zeffiros (at) gmail.com)