Aim of the handbook

Essential for a successful biogas project realization is among others a (practical) long-term view, a good organization and fulfilled technical conditions. To make sure that the anaerobic digestion plant is profitable in long term, the project has to be well planned. This handbook sets its main focus on small-to-medium scale anaerobic digestion plants, running on farm based agricultural side products and residues with a power production capacity from 100 kWel up to about 500 kWel.

The guidelines offered describe the essential steps for developing a biogas project, beginning with the project idea, over creating a business plan until the final step of plant operation. They start with a short introduction into the biological biogas production, types of gas utilisation and digestate treatment and gives an outline for realizing a project. This is followed by the five main steps of project implementation.

The handbook closes with the provision of information about contracting and gives comprehensive checklists as tools for efficient planning and implementation.